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SWP4.1 | European IWT promotion and development network


The existing European IWT promotion and development network is limited to a number of countries, while many other countries with IWT potential lack promotion and development structures. This particularly applies to the new Member States. In general and budgets reserved for promotional work in individual Member States tend to be too small to have a long-lasting impact. Stronger cooperation between the different IWT promotion offices will lead to a more efficient use of resources, create synergies and yield more targeted promotional effects. The marketing and bargaining power of the inland navigation sector will be strengthened by strategic alliances between individual companies and a European-wide network of IWT promotion agencies.


This Sub-Work Package aims at extending the existing network of promotion and development centres, especially in new Member States and third countries. PLATINA also supports the establishment of new promotion and development centres and the preparation and implementation of promotion and development programmes.

Description of work

PLATINA sets up the management and operational framework for the European network of promotion centres. An organisational and operational concept is defined. It includes a clear description of the responsibilities and tasks of participating organisations as well as the rules of participation and procedures. A connection to the short sea shipping and intermodal promotional networks is established by coordinating meetings between these networks and by developing common activities between them and PLATINA.

Within the scope of the organisational concept of the promotional network, common objectives, target groups and the fields of activity mentioned in the NAIADES action programme are defined. This results in a working programme for the duration of PLATINA.

Achievements January-May 2011

The promotional network is not a closed network. Partners who share the common mission and underwrite the purpose, strategic direction, vision and actions described in the promotion and development programme are welcome. Besides the informal cooperation with British Waterways and NINA-net (non-remunerated partners), contacts have been established with the new Slovak promotion office with which started cooperation. Exchange on best practice related to IWT takes place with the European Intermodal Association. With regard to short sea shipping, exchange takes place with the Belgian and Swedish short sea bureaux. The German short sea bureau took part in the organisation of the BargetoBusiness I conference.

CRUP, FWA, RIA and RSOE prepare an outline of the promotion and development plan for their national activities which is in line with the promotion and development programme and the strategic communication agenda developed within WP4.

Sub-Work Package leader biography

Karin De Schepper (General Secretary): master's degree in maritime sciences as well as in translation from the University of Antwerp (Belgium), master's degree in international and European Community law from the Free University of Brussels (Belgium); strategic, operational and communication management of INE, cross-border contacts and networking, EU policy advice and coordination; member of drafting group for the NAIADES action programme; native speaker of Dutch, other languages: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Modern Greek and German.


3 questions to Karin De Schepper

  • What do you like most about your work?
    I enjoy the chance to do cross-border brainstorming on future-oriented logistics with colleagues from all kind of horizons
  • If you could have one wish for inland navigation, what would it be?
    I would like to see sustainable inland waterway transport as part of innovative freight solutions in every city with navigable waterways
  • What does PLATINA do for you?
    PLATINA is building a strategic network